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Pupil and Parent Experiences

Stories From Our International Community

Pupil and parent experiences of online schooling from around the world

At My Online Schooling, we have a fantastic community of pupils and parents. The chance to improve their future is why we exist. So, for educators like us, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing the progress our pupils have achieved or hearing about the difference that online education has made in their lives.

Watch the videos below to meet some of our families and hear from some of our pupils as they share their experience of life at our school.

The teachers are patient and kind,

Leo never says a bad word about any of them and he really enjoys the whole experience. It is truly the best decision we have ever made. Thank you for giving us our boy back!

Kate, Year 7 Parent


What our pupils and parents say

Year 11 GCSE Pupil

"I’ve just finished my IGCSEs at My Online Schooling. I joined the school in September 2020, which turned out to be the best decision I ever made!

I studied English Language, English Literature, Foundation Maths, Double Award Science (which is all three sciences combined into 2 IGCSES), Geography, History, French and Art (Trinity Silver Arts Award).

There are so many aspects of MOS that definitely helped me when doing IGCSEs! The supportive, understanding and genuinely enthusiastic teachers and staff; the flexibility; the availability of lesson resources and recordings. I found it so beneficial to be able to really focus on learning (and enjoying it!) in an environment that suited me and with the incredible community of MOS every step of the way.

My teachers prepared me so well that I knew I could go into the exam room and just do the best that I could on the day. I ended up getting 9s in English Language, English Literature, Geography and French; 8/9 in Double Award Science; 8 in History and 5 in Maths, so something must have gone right!

After I got over the initial shock, I felt super proud of myself, especially in the subjects that I find really difficult and I had to put a lot of extra work into. Although I didn’t really need specific grades for what I would like to do next, IGCSEs were a massive personal achievement for me, because I proved to myself that, when I put my all into something, I could do it.

I’m going to start A-Levels at My Online Schooling this September – History, French and English Language – and I can’t wait! I’d maybe like to do a history degree after A-Levels, because this is a subject I’m particularly interested in (thanks to my amazing history teacher, who has been a big inspiration to me!)

Without a doubt, I couldn’t have got where I am without MOS, so thank you to all my teachers, classmates and everyone who makes MOS the wonderful place it is."


Olivia Harling, Year 11 International GCSE pupil
Year 11 BoyI GCSE

"My name is Joseph Evans. I have attended My Online Schooling for the past 4 years following our repatriation to the UK from Oman. I joined the school in year 8 after attending an international school abroad.

I studied Spanish, Chemistry, Physics, Higher maths, Economics, Geography and English language. 

What I liked about My Online Schooling was the freedom to study what I thought would be most beneficial to me. I was able to utilise my time better and study in-between classes. The support from the teachers and in a more relaxing and less stressful environment. I had no distractions from other students.

The exams went well, better than I expected.I felt prepared and did not feel worried or stressed. My results were Chemistry 9, Physics 9, Maths 9, Geography 9, Economics 9, English 9 and Spanish 8.

Feeling very happy. I think my results were better than I expected and my hard work paid off.I also felt surprised. My next steps are to study maths, Physics and Chemistry at A level in a 6th form school."

Joseph Evans, Year 11 International GCSE Pupil


Year 7 boy Schooling Online

"Leo started secondary school in September. After only two weeks it was apparent that he had not coped well with the transition from primary school. By half term he had become reclusive, emotional, anxious and had regressed, acting a lot younger than his age. We discovered My Online Schooling through a friend and signed him up. The change is phenomenal!

Leo loves his lessons, has joined a local football team, is going out with his friends again and has regained his confidence in life and learning. The teachers are patient and kind, Leo never says a bad word about any of them and he really enjoys the whole experience. It is truly the best decision we have ever made. Thank you for giving us our boy back!"


Kate, Year 7 Parent 
A Level Pupil

“I had the opportunity to work with such incredible teachers whom, despite the barrier of being online, made a conscious effort to ensure our experience and education was nothing but the best.

I have to thank both Miss. Evans and Mr. Wolstenholme for their constant support and guidance when it came to doing AS Levels as they eased the pressure tremendously.” 

Safiyyah Faizer, Year 12 A Level Pupil
Year 3 Girl

“MOS has been a wonderful solution for us as we transitioned from South Africa to the UK curriculum and the school has excellent online resources to facilitate a great classroom and school experience which engages and involves the pupils, and encourages social interactions.”


Isobel, Year 3 Parent 
Year 5 Girl


“Our daughter had a difficult school experience, partly because she found it difficult to conform to the requirements of school life but mostly because of bullying. It was heartbreaking to watch our bright, bubbly and happy girl who loved learning turn into a withdrawn, sad one who could not cope with the daily expectations that school placed on her.

We eventually withdrew her from school and tried home education for a year. Her self-esteem gradually improved but she felt lonely, bored and not sufficiently challenged despite having tutors and attending a home education centre. When the centre closed unexpectedly, we were desperate to find an alternative in time for the start of the new school year.

We feel blessed to have stumbled upon My Online Schooling. We were initially sceptical as we were not sure whether our daughter would be able to cope in a virtual classroom. We need not have worried. In no time at all, she was able to type, complete homework online, use PowerPoint and complete a Wiki project. The more we see of online school, the more we are confident that it is setting the children up with skills they will need for the future, and more so than mainstream schools.

Academically, our daughter is flying high. Our daughter has always been bright but never seemed to reach her full potential in a mainstream school. She is now engaged in everything she learns and looks forward to engaging with her teachers and the other students – who live in so many different countries. She is even happy to do her homework! The school also assesses the children regularly but not in a way that makes them feel anxious. So, as parents, we feel confident that she is progressing as she should. The teachers are so committed, prepared, compassionate, innovative and really take time to get to know the children. The effort they put into giving positive and constructive feedback is exceptional and makes our daughter really want to give of her best.

Far more important to us than her academic progress are the strides she has made in her self-esteem and general happiness. She loves getting up in the morning for school, and the amazing school trip to the Lake District was the highlight of her term. She is once again the happy, fun-loving child we know and love. We could not be more pleased. [...]

I thoroughly recommend trying My Online Schooling. Before she started, Alexa wanted to return to mainstream school for secondary school but loves it so much that she no longer wants to. And as parents, we are delighted to have found the right school environment for her.


Caroline, Year 5 Parent 
International GCSE Boy Year11

"My Online Schooling has provided the perfect education platform to complete my iGCSEs in a well-supported, highly effective and engaging environment.

The endless support from teachers and thorough study programme which not only allowed for classroom time, but also independent study during the day has allowed me to reach my full potential in my results.

I thank all of the MOS team for providing such an incredible experience."

Frazer Matt, Year 11 International GCSE Pupil
Year 8 Pupil

Absolutely fantastic school that we can’t recommend highly enough.

Nothing is too much trouble for My Online Schooling and the support they offer parents and pupils is second to none.

The standard of education is excellent, the flexibility of being able to access lessons from wherever you are is invaluable and the system they use is easy to navigate.”

Annabel, Year 8 Parent

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