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My Online Schooling for Sports Academies and Performing Arts

Flexible Learning to fit around demands

Sports and Performing Arts academies use My Online Schooling to support their young people who require flexible learning to fit around their demands. My Online Schooling allows young people more time to pursue their goals and ambitions - this means pupils can focus on their commitments whilst also receiving an excellent education provision.

Our curriculum and lessons are designed and tailored for the online learning environment. All of our lessons are live, as well as recorded. The ability to watch recorded lessons, if unable to attend live, means pupils have control of their learning. Pupils have more time to balance their sporting, performing and educational pursuits, as they only spend a few hours per day in the virtual classroom from a location that works for them.

My Online Schooling pupil Lucia Cassidy serving with tennis racket and ball on tennis court

My Online Schooling Provision

My Online Schooling offers the English National Curriculum classes for children aged 7-18 across the globe.

  • Flexible learning - pupils travelling to castings, performances and tournaments are still able to receive consistent education and need not miss out on learning
  • Highly qualified teachers with experience teaching the English National Curriculum
  • International, inclusive community - Assemblies, clubs/societies, common room
  • Innovative and future-focused
  • Rolling intakes allowing for flexible enrolment
  • Success Coordinator support to help with any queries
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Benefits of online schooling

Mohammed-Ali Cho Q&A

“I wanted to pursue my studies and follow the English program to sit my A Levels. Given my training schedule, the ideal way to continue my studies was to be able to join classes remotely but also have the ability to catch-up on lessons if I missed any due to training, travel or matches”

- Mohamed-Ali Cho, La Liga club Real Sociedad

"Being a pupil at My Online Schooling is really helpful as a professional actor because it gives me the freedom to go to castings and when I am working, which can be anywhere, I can take my laptop with me and either be able to still attend my lessons in real time or catch up via the recorded lessons."

- Oliver Zetterström, Actor known for Becoming Elizabeth (2022), the Romanoff’s (2008) and the Midnight Gang (2018)

My Online Schooling Pupil

Q: Why did you first decide to join MOS?
A: I found it increasingly difficult to attend school full time, as well as doing all of my training and travelling to different countries for tournaments. I realised that to maintain playing high level tennis and achieve good grades at school I had to do online schooling.

Q: How does online schooling support your tennis?
A: Online schooling supports my tennis in many ways. It is far more flexible than going into a school, for example if I miss a lesson because I have a match, then I know I can watch the recorded lesson and not get behind in my education. My Online Schooling gives you the opportunity to create your own timetable, and this really helped me schedule my school around my tennis as I am training twice a day most days.

If you would like to find out more, please don’t hesitate for get in touch with our dedicated Account Manager via our Business Enquiry form at the bottom of this page. 


At My Online Schooling we are building meaningful partnerships with organisations who have a shared vision. There is a growing demand for British education globally and we support pupils in over 80 different countries. Your pupils can be a part of our school and join our engaging live lessons, access subject specialist teachers, flexible timetables and exceptional pastoral care.

We understand the importance of maintaining your standards and be reassured that our experience will uphold this.

We have three different partnership opportunities outlined below. If you think there is an opportunity for us to work together, please complete the form below and we can discuss what is best suited for your organisation.

Partnership Opportunities

Education Partner

For educational and enrichment institutions seeking to add to their offering

Broaden Your Offering & Demonstrate Future-focused Approach to Education.
Partner with My Online Schooling and access an outstanding British education online. We can help you broaden your offering and support more young people without having to transform your operations and hire more staff. As your partner we can support a few pupils or we can arrange dedicated lessons for a cohort.

Enhanced Opportunities
Your pupils can access your offering plus everything our school has to offer and learn from a diverse variety of courses from KS2 to A Levels to enhance their opportunities.


Referral Partner

Operate on a one to one referral basis. For organisations connected with young people between the ages of 7 and 18

Support Young People
Support young people by referring them directly to My Online Schooling where we can support them in achieving their potential.

Families Needs put First
We have a structured referral process to ensure that more young people can access My Online schooling and families' needs are put first.


For experienced individual education agents or organisations

Demand for a UK Curriculum
We have great relationships with education agents globally, but we are always interested in building more. Are you experienced in recruiting pupils in your region?

Efficient Model
We have an efficient enrolment process and resources to ensure you can successfully share our school offering with your connections. Be confident in knowing your connections needs will be put first.

School curriculum

Social impact

Accreditation & memberships