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Local Authorities and Schools

My Online Schooling
for Local Authorities and Schools

My Online Schooling works with Local Authorities and Schools to re-engage young people in education who are experiencing a variety of challenges including low attendance, mental health conditions, physical health conditions and unmet SEN and vulnerable young people. Our support is applicable to pupils both with or without an EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plan).

My Online School is an accredited Cambridge International School, offering full-time and part-time education, following the English National Curriculum to children in Year 3 to Year 13, with International GCSEs, A Levels and International A Levels offered as qualifications.

With flexible timetables across a range of academic subjects, EAL support, and health and wellbeing support classes, My Online Schooling fits around each child's needs and other commitments.

Learning takes place in a live, digital, disruption-free classroom, where all classes are recorded for safeguarding, catch up and revision purposes. All academic progress and attendance is recorded and reported to the relevant parties. Counselling, Extra-Curricular, School Community and Transition support is available to each pupil.

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Short Term Provision

My Online Schooling supports children and young people that are facing short term barriers to accessing education. Our provision is designed to help pupils get back on track with their learning, support them to reengage with school, and increase attendance.

Our short term provision is appropriate for:

● School refusers
● Persistent low attenders
● Those experiencing bullying
● Those at risk of permanent exclusion
● Anxiety and/or mental health conditions
● Those with health conditions or injuries which make physical schools challenging
● Hospitalised children or young people

If you would like to speak to someone about whether our Short Term Provision is right for the young people or person you are supporting, please book a call with our Inclusion team.

Long Term Provision

My Online Schooling offers full-time and part-time sustained educational packages for children who are facing long term challenges which are affecting their ability to engage with their education.


For pupils who have consistent low attendance, and would benefit from accessing online education to supplement their in person learning. We can provide a tailored and flexible package of support for each child to fit around bricks and mortar school and other educational provisions in place. My Online Schooling can also be accessed alongside other in-person Alternative Provisions, so that a child is having a balanced and blended approach to learning where this is appropriate.


For pupils that have little or no school attendance due to significant and persistent barriers to learning, My Online Schooling can provide a full time package of core and optional additional subjects tailored to each child’s needs and circumstances.

Our Long Term Support is appropriate for:

  • Those with unmet special educational needs
  • Young Carers
  • Long term anxiety and/or mental health conditions
  • Long term health conditions which make physical schools challenging
  • Those who have been permenantly excluded from school

The My Online Schooling Alternative Provision Offering

Effective Monitoring of Progress and Attendance

When a new pupil joins us, we will seek to gather as much information as possible, regarding baseline attendance and previous educational experiences. Throughout a pupil’s time with us, we will support them to achieve their individual goals, whether that be to return to mainstream school full time, or increase attendance and re-engage in education.

When commissioning with us, Local Authorities can benefit from:

  • A dedicated Account Manager
  • Success Coordinator support and regular check-ins for every family
  • Termly reports from each pupil’s class teachers
  • Weekly pupil attendance report updates
  • Weekly rolling intakes for timely interventions
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SEND and Wellbeing Support and Monitoring

Our dedicated inclusion team heads up our school SEND and wellbeing provisions. We provide early identification, appropriate and purposeful support and continuous review for all pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND); this ensures that this cohort of vulnerable pupils is able to reach their full potential as learners and to support successful life outcomes.

Our short term provision is appropriate for:

  • Graduated Approach - APDR
  • Ordinarily Available Provision (OAP)
  • QFT checklist
  • Intervention strategies
  • Isams pupil profiles (SEND, AA)
  • Ad hoc one-to-one sessions with pupils - study skills etc
  • Transition Support

My Online Schooling Wellbeing Team

Promoting positive mental health and wellbeing

Our Wellbeing team promotes positive mental health and wellbeing to all of our young people, their families and our members of staff. Our welcoming and accepting culture allows young people's voices to be heard, and through the use of effective policies and procedures, we ensure a safe and supportive environment.

We offer a variety of learning and wellbeing classes including:

  • Reading and Writing Support (KS3)
  • Social Skills (Y3-11)
  • Anxiety Management (Y3-13)
  • Laughtercise (KS2 & KS3)
  • Role Models (KS2)
  • 1-1 Counselling Sessions



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