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You asked - we listened

You asked - we listened
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We really value feedback from our parents, and aim to act upon all of your suggestions to make sure that we are doing all we can to support you and your child in their education. Here are several of the comments, questions, and ideas from you, and what we have done!

I feel quite behind on work as I missed quite a lot of school - can you help?

Our teachers can provide guidance in catching up on missed work, by setting additional tasks, providing extra resources, or teaching private tuition classes. We can also recommend a number of useful books, guides, and websites that you can use to catch up.

I’m not sure how to revise for my exams - what shall I do?

We have produced a list of our 25 best revision techniques, which you can find here. We can also offer additional private tuition sessions with your teachers to give you the extra help or advice you need

Additional support sessions would really help my child prepare for their upcoming exams

We offer additional one-on-one tuition sessions with our qualified teachers, who work with their students on examination technique, time management, and topics that they find particularly tricky. These can be fitted into the school day.

My child would really value the opportunity to chat to others in an online common room

We have created this secure shared common room using the Paddle website so that our students can discuss their work or socialise with each other in a private secure online space.

An online language buddy would help me practise my French

There are lots of websites that offer the opportunity to Skype a language buddy and practise your speaking with them. Drop us an email if you would like more information or help finding these.

I would like an annual get together or meet up with the other students and parents- maybe a BBQ or something like that would be good!

We are working towards planning a get together for later on this year!

End of term tests can be quite stressful for my child, is there anything you can do to reduce this?

Our teachers are very encouraging and supportive in classes, and can work to prepare students for upcoming tests. A way that we have found that works especially well is by using the same quiz function in the online classroom each week, that is used for the end of term assessment. This means that students get used to using it, and get more used to doing tests.

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