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What Makes Us Different?

What Makes Us Different?
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We pride ourselves on the quality of our staff. Our experienced and fully qualified teachers have many years of experience teaching, and tailor making lessons to suit a range of students. The office team offer support through the live chat support feature and email and telephone support from Monday to Friday during term times.

Flexible learning

We pride ourselves in the ability to offer flexible packages of education. We are able to build a subject package around the individual needs of students which is then reflected in the affordable tuition costs. Choose exactly what your child would like to study, and we will make it work. If your child excels in a particular subject area we can look to move them forward a year. Some pupils can even sit their international GCSE exams early!

Parent involvement

We recognise the importance of parental involvement in your child's education. We therefore invite all parents to join our My Online Schooling Community  - a forum where parents can liaise with one another and work collaboratively with our management team to continually refine the outstanding service that we offer to our young people.

After school clubs

We offer a number of after school clubs and societies which are run live by our amazing team of teachers. If your child interested in science, debating, creative writing or story letting? there will be something for them! What's more, is that these are all completely free of charge!

Small class size

Small class sizes guarantee that students receive the teacher’s full attention, and that distractions are kept to a minimum. This maximises their learning, and leads to more rapid progression and higher levels of attainment. Teachers are committed to fully ensuring that they support each student’s personal action plan for their studies, to enable them to advance their knowledge and skills and become lifelong learners. Students are empowered and challenged by these high academic standards to achieve their full potential

Encouraging independence

Studying online fosters a culture of independent learning, and develops a student’s personal responsibility for their learning. Skills such as time management, monitoring progress, and meeting homework deadlines are essential abilities for university, and life beyond school.


Students become members of our school community. They share their lessons with other students from around the world, and are able to discuss and work with them in small ‘breakout groups’ which are part of the online classroom software.

Diverse learning environment

The virtual classroom creates a diverse and engaging learning environment. It offers an in depth resource subject library of learning resources, powerpoints, quizzes, and notes for students to access. Teachers use a variety of these methods to ensure that lessons remain interesting and engaging, and appeal to students who learn in different ways. All lessons are recorded, so that students can re-watch them in their own time.

Meeting a variety of needs

Students with a variety of needs are welcome, and understood by our experienced teachers and team. Their particular needs are put first and foremost. We particularly aim to support students who are homeschooled, have experienced social anxiety or bullying, have special educational needs (SEN), are exceptionally gifted and talented, have been excluded from school, are expatriates living abroad, or are part of military or travelling families. We run free weekly drop in sessions for children wishing to improve their attainment in Maths or English.

English National Curriculum

We offer the English Key Stage 2 and 3 Curriculum, iGCSE. Our teachers follow the accredited British National Curriculum. Students are supported in taking their examinations at a local centre, instead of school, which is very easy to do. This means that they are always working towards a British qualification, and can slot back into school easily if they wish to, as they won’t have missed important learning. This also reassures parents that their child’s learning meets national standards.


Compared to private education, and international schooling fees, online schooling is much more affordable, at only a fraction of the cost. This means that students can receive a high quality and personalised education from home, be challenged to meet our high educational standards, and achieve outstanding grades, without having to pay a fortune.

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