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Watch out for these trends in Primary Education!

Watch out for these trends in Primary Education!
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On one hand the educational mobile applications, online programs, and other training resources have been seen by many educators as a threat to conventional teaching and on the other hand, it has also been seen that many educators have leveraged the technology to make learning more interesting and fulfilling.

These technological tools are being used to aid students to learn in new and exciting ways. It has also helped the educators in managing their students and in sourcing their education materials more effectively and quickly. It also streamlines their administrative functions in a better way.

As the education industry continues to grow with every passing year, they have also come to realize various benefits of newer technologies. Why not, it has increased their efficiency while reducing the costs!

However, the educational ecosystem has additionally changed to help those who do not want to tread on the tertiary education path. There has been an exponential growth in the primary education sector, as many players and individuals have realized that this additional path is the best choice for them.

Herein, they skip the university education and potential costs, time, or effort connected to it; rather, they learn a trade, do an apprenticeship, and begin to make a living within their preferred time and method.

Education as a whole, therefore, is expanding exponentially, and it’s up to us as both a business and people to keep up. That brings the question – what are the new education trends of 2017?

Trends that are Continuing to Aid Primary Learning

Digital Content

Digital Content continues to boost adaptive learning. It is the personalization of learning for every student, whether pursuing higher education or going through the primary stage. It helps students in accessing information at their own pace and in a far more focused manner. The information is tailored to meet their personal understanding and that too from any corner of the world. Students can get access to content related to their school assignments and exam preparation.

Video-Based Learning

Then there is also a growing sophistication of video-based learning. It helps them understand concepts and theories in a better way and in less time as compared to the conventional classroom teaching method.

Learning Analytics and Gamification of Education

Another interesting trend is the utilization of Learning Analytics. A student can find different forms of data and can access a wealth of information through devices like tablets and smartphones with just a few touches.

Students find it hard to connect to the outdated methods of learning. So, the primary education sector has now realized the need to personalize learning for individuals and are even working with private companies and Edtech Startups to develop special games that can make learning interesting.

Private Tutoring

Lastly, Tutoring has always been a big industry. It provides options of on-site location and at home. In the home-based model, a broker connects the tutors and the students who want to learn any number of subjects, whereas on-site location-based model typically is a center where kids go and take classes and learn various school subjects. These tuitions also offer standardized test preparation.

EdTech Communities

There are also many online education forums or EdTech driven communities that are developing learning apps. These platforms promise free trials to help students study efficiently using the advanced learning technology. This technology adapts to student’s strengths and weaknesses.

In 2017 alone, there have been a plethora of educational startups that have surfaced in the online scenario to reshape the education ecosystem.

For instance, there are EdTech communities like EduGorilla that deserve to be mentioned here because of its flurry of achievements and a stunning growth. It acts as one-stop platforms for students of all ages. A brain-child of tech-genius Rohit Manglik, it succeeded in listing more than 56,000 coaching centers in its directory. It also offers an access to the largest aggregation of study material (31,752 files) and 56,731 institutes. It counsels students to guide them in choosing the career path they want to follow and helps them in selecting streams that match their strengths and skills. Additionally, it keeps students up to date with the latest developments in education industry with EduGorilla trends.

EduGorilla is one of the many communities that are dedicated to changing the way we learn and teach.

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