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Summer in Singapore 2019 - Things to Do With Kids

Summer in Singapore 2019 - Things to Do With Kids
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Looking for things to do with the kids in Singapore this summer? You're in luck. There are endless options on the sunny island nation to keep the kids happy and entertained over the summer break. So much so, in fact, that we can hardly fit them in one blog post!

We've gathered a few of the most exciting ones, though, to make things easier. Check out the list below for the best things to do with kids in Singapore, as well as events and activities new for summer 2019.

Gardens By the Bay

If your kids have never been to the Gardens by the Bay, they're in for a treat. Whether or not they're into plants, there's no way they won't have fun here. They're no ordinary gardens after all (if you live in Singapore, you'll know it just doesn't do 'ordinary'). Get lost in the magical Cloud Forest, stop and smell the roses in the colourful Flower Dome, or let the kids run wild in the Far East Organisation Children's Garden complete with games and water play features.

One of the biggest highlights, though, is the Supertree grove and OCBC Skyway. The giant supertrees are between 25 and 50 metres tall, and their canopies light up in the evening. If you're brave, take a walk with the kids along the skyway to get a closer look and take in incredible views of the bay.

Summer Highlights:

Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo is set in the country's natural, rainforest environment, making it an extra jungle-y experience. It's heavily focused on conservation and education, and features educational content on all its exhibits so your kids can learn a few things on your visit. A few main attractions include the famous Night Safari, where you take a tram tour around the park in the dark and see what the animals get up to at night. The Zoo also runs a Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife, where you can enjoy your croissants and orange juice while hanging out with some orangutans - a great photo opp!

Other special attractions include various wildlife shows, feeding experiences, behind-the-scenes tours and more. Have a look through the Singapore Zoo website for more info.

Sentosa Island

Known as the 'state of fun', Sentosa is an island accessible from the city via car, cable car or the Sentosa express. It's pretty much dedicated to activities, amusement and adventure for people of all ages. Sentosa is home to Universal Studios, the Adventure Cove waterpark and a Butterfly and Insect Kingdom, to name just a few of its attractions. There's also KidZania, which is a kid-sized indoor city where children can experiencing being a vet, an airplane pilot, a chef and more, all in one day.

If you want to enjoy a trip to the island without splashing the cash, that's totally do-able. There are three beaches: Palawan, Siloso and Tanjong, where the kids can muck around in the sand and water and enjoy the sunshine. There's also a Nature Discovery centre with free entry, and the Fort Siloso Skywalk, where you can enjoy a tree-top trek.

Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin, also simply known as 'Ubin', is a small island in the north east of Singapore. It makes for a popular day-trip for locals, expats and tourists alike, as it's only a short ferry ride away. If you want to know what Singapore would have looked like before all the skyscrapers, glitz and glamour, Pulau Ubin is the place to be. It's a nice break away from the city, where your kids can get a feel for Malay-Singaporean culture, and enjoy peaceful island life for a day.

While you're there, you can rent bikes and take a family cycle around the island. It's tiny, so you can definitely make it all the way around without too much effort! Or why not go on a kayak expedition through the mangroves, and get to know the local marine wildlife.

Summer Highlights:

Enjoying all the island has to offer!

ArtScience Museum

The incredible things housed inside this lotus flower building never cease to amaze. The Singapore Art Science Museum combines (you guessed it) art and science with a host of exciting, innovative exhibitions. Your kids won't be bored with the interactive exhibits, lights and workshops that the museum has to offer.

A must-see this summer is the Wonderland exhibition, which focuses on Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. It's an immersive, interactive exhibition which is great for kids. At the entrance of the exhibition you are given a map to help you navigate through 'wonderland', including a Hallway of Doors, Pool of Tears, the Mad Hatter's Tea Party and more.

Summer Highlights:

National Gallery Singapore

National Gallery Singapore's architecture

The National Gallery Singapore brings together modern visual art from Singapore and around South East Asia. The gallery has won awards for being kid-friendly, and includes a range of interactive features and activities so kids can engage with and learn more about the art on display. They offer audio tours specifically for kids, storytelling sessions, art workshops and more.

This year, the gallery will be hosting the Gallery Children's Biennale 2019: Embracing Wonder - an exhibition consisting of 11 creative, interactive artworks. Bring your kids along so they can touch, feel and play their way through a weird and wonderful creative world, and hopefully be inspired themselves to think outside the box.

Summer Highlights:


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