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Our top 12 educational apps per subject

Our top 12 educational apps per subject

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There's an app for absolutely everything these days. Whether it's ideas for tonight's dinner, upcoming concerts in your area or phone games for your cat, almost everything is (quite literally) at your fingertips. And educational support for your kids is no exception! Educational apps can be a fun and engaging way for your children to keep learning outside of the classroom, and brush up on the skills they've learned in lessons.

In this week's blog, we've rounded up our favourite educational apps for school-age children and young people. Have a read below!


Squeebles Spelling Test (£3.99)

One for the younger ones - this bright, colourful app is designed to help kids aged 5-11 practise their spellings. You can customise your own spelling tests, or choose from a large range of the app's own ones which are based on the English National Curriculum.

SwipeSpeare (Free)

SwipeSpeare's your go-to app for translating Shakespeare's works in to plain English. As the name suggests, you simply swipe over the text if you want to see the contemporary English translation. Handy when it comes to GCSE or A-Level English Literature revision!



Math Bingo (£2.99)

Simple but effective, the aim of the game with Math Bingo is to get five 'Bingo Bugs' in a row by answering maths questions correctly. You can choose from a selection of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division games (or a combo of all 4!).

Mr Thorne's Addition SpaceStation (99p)

One of Mr Thorne's various educational apps; in this one, the UK school teacher offers 42 addition tests with varying levels of difficulty. Tests include simple addition, adding fractions, rounding up, number facts and loads more.


Science & Computer Science

Toca Lab: Elements (£3.99)

Your kids can have fun exploring the periodic table with this colourful app. They can 'meet' all 118 elements, discover and inspect their properties, and become a scientist for the day by conducting experiments. The experiments aren't strictly accurate, but the periodic table is - so it's a fun, creative way to get to know your elements.

Tynker (Free)

This award-winning app teaches your kids how to code in fun, engaging ways. Whether it's designing Minecraft mods, programming animated Barbie™ characters or battling friends with code, this app is sure to get your child excited about coding and learning impressive new skills.



BBC History Magazine (Free)

The app-version of the UK's best-selling History magazine - great for young people studying their GCSE or A-Level courses. With monthly issues, your teenager can delve in to the historical world and read-up on key personalities, civilisations and events from the past to really engage with the subject.



Duolingo (Free)

This one is one of our favourites! Whether your child is learning a language at school, or wants to learn a whole new one, Duolingo is a brilliant app with genius techniques that really help the user learn and improve their language skills. Choose from over 30 languages, including French, Spanish and German.

Gus On The Go (£3.99)

Best for younger children, Gus On The Go uses cute animations and learning exercises featuring Gus the friendly owl. Your child can practice their vocabulary in over 18 different languages through the various 'Gus' apps.



PuppetMaster (£2.99)

Their slogan 'Animate. Literally. Anything' pretty much sums this app up. Kids can create their own animations by creating their own puppets, movements using motion-capture, and narration by recording their own voices. The creative possibilities are limitless!

Draw It (Free)

The 'Draw It' app is a bit of fun - think digital Pictionary. Players compete against others to draw as many objects as possible before the timer runs out. Maybe not as educational as the others, but a great way to test out your drawing skills.

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