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Online Learning for 7-8 Year-Olds

Online Learning for 7-8 Year-Olds
Boy on an online lesson working on a art project showing work to the camera


In this blog, we’ll cover:

  • The benefits of online learning for 7-8 year-olds in Year 3

  • A practical, engaging and creative early-Primary education in an online setting

  • The Year 3 curriculum and subject offering at My Online Schooling

What are the benefits of online learning?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed not only the way we live our lives, but the way we work, teach and learn. Schools, families and teachers have all had to adapt to a ‘new normal’, with many realising and embracing the benefits that come with an online education. Online schooling offers a 21st century education that is flexible, accessible and engaging for children and young people, no matter what their needs are or where they live. Here are a few of the benefits in a nutshell:

Flexible timing

Instead of having to go to school or college each day, your child can learn in live online lessons from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a stable internet connection. Timetables are more flexible than at a bricks-and-mortar school. This leaves pupils with more time for play and pursuing interests and hobbies outside of school.

Enhanced classroom experience 

Online school classes are much smaller than in traditional schools. This means that there is a lot more focus on your child’s individual needs and progress. Learning online also limits distractions from other pupils in the classroom.

Tailored to additional needs 

Our teachers are experienced in adapting lessons to suit pupils of all abilities, whether it be adapting to Special Educational Needs (SEN), being mindful of personal circumstances, or stretching an exceptionally gifted pupil to new levels.

Year 3 MOS pupil, Samira


Is online learning available for 7-8 year olds?

Absolutely! At My Online Schooling Junior School, we provide a modern, fun and flexible approach to teaching and learning in a digital environment. We aim to set pupils up for success in their education and beyond with creativity, cooperative work, connectedness to the world and adaptability being key features. In 2021 we had the pleasure of introducing Year 3 classes to our Junior School. Our Year 3 pupils enjoy a broad, balanced and engaging curriculum that lays an important foundation as they progress through Key-Stage 2.

Life in Year 3 at My Online Schooling

Our Curriculum

At My Online Schooling, we have developed a practical, engaging and creative curriculum for Year 3 (ages 7-8) that meets learning objectives set out by the UK Department for Education in an engaging, creative and innovative way. Our Year 3 curriculum is designed to cultivate curious and independent learners, allowing your child to take charge of their own learning experience and discover their own unique style of learning without the need for parental support.

Year 3 is offered as a set curriculum package comprising of English, Reading, Maths, Science, Humanities, Creative Arts, Active Hour and more. The curriculum includes a strong focus on cross-curricular learning. This gives your child exposure to a range of experiences that reflect both a discipline-field and an interdisciplinary orientation.

Find out more about our Key-Stage 2 subject offering.

"I am delighted with your pedagogical approach to children; I am delighted with how lessons are organised, additional activities, experiments. I see that my child goes to school with great pleasure and wants to continue his studies there. I’m surprised that school can be an exciting place for children and parents (…) Thank you for teaching my child not to be afraid, to go forward to achieve their goals, to respect others, to be responsible for his actions and responsibilities."

Natalia, Year 3 Parent at My Online Schooling

Our Lessons

Year 3 lessons at My Online Schooling are fully interactive, collaborative and practical, allowing pupils to fully engage with their learning as they would in a physical classroom. Your child will be encouraged to move, play, explore their surroundings and collaborate with their peers through break-out rooms and whole-class games and discussions.

Our Year 3 pupils are cared for by a dedicated teacher who will teach each of their subjects throughout the academic year. This means you and your child are able to build a strong, ongoing relationship with their teacher, helping to take the distance out of remote learning.


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