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Online education for children in Australia

Online education for children in Australia

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With the global coronavirus pandemic, a lot of things may feel uncertain - your child's education being one of them. Many Australian families are being faced with the possibility of schools closing down at the time of writing this. So how do you go about ensuring your child still receives a top quality education? If you are looking for online education for your child in Australia, you've come to the right place!

In this week's blog, we'll be talking through the benefits of online learning and the ways online schooling can support you and your family during this challenging time.

Aussie Roots

Did you know that distance learning began in Australia? Because so much of the country is remote, Australian education has always focused on making education more accessible. Adelaide Miethke introduced the first ‘School of the Air’ in 1951. This was known as a ‘correspondence school’. They broadcasted lessons via two-way radio to kids in remote areas, which completely changed the game for distance learning.

Online homeschooling is growing in popularity as a more affordable and flexible alternative to international schooling. Unlike distance learning, classes are taught in real time, in online classrooms, by qualified teachers. This fresh and creative new take on education is already growing fast in the UK, and has been taken up by pupils around the globe.

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Technology in Education

The digital revolution has opened up fantastic opportunities for the next generation – and we are reaping the benefits now more than ever. The majority of today’s young people are tech-savvy, using the internet as one of their preferred ways to socialise and learn. This makes online education a fantastic option for children in Australia.

All online school pupils need to attend class is a laptop or computer, and stable internet speed – which luckily, is available in most parts of Australia! Small groups of pupils from around the world log on to the online classrooms, attend hour long lessons, and are set homework tasks each week to complete online.

Qualified and Experienced Teachers

Teachers are the lifeblood of any school, and My Online Schooling Asia Pacific only employ the best. A typical week could see a pupil performing a poem in Miss Saltalamacchia’s English class, making a volcanic eruption in Mr Butler-Biggs's Science class, or creating their own cartoon panel in Miss Lady's Cartooning Club!

Another advantage that My Online Schooling offers is that all lessons are recorded. All lesson recordings are made available to re-watch at any time. Small class sizes mean that teachers really get to know each child individually, and tailor a learning plan to suit their needs.

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Rural and Remote Students

Pupils living in more remote rural areas in Australia can enjoy online learning minus the long school commute. At My Online Schooling, pupils receive more than just a high quality education. They also have the opportunity to develop close friendships with other young people both locally and across the globe. All of our pupils are nurtured in small, interactive classes, allowing them to grow as independent learners.

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