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Online Arabic lessons for children

Online Arabic lessons for children
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Arabic is one of the most spoken languages in the world and is the official language of around 25 countries. Online Arabic lessons for children are a great way to get your young ones learning this beautiful language early on, or to help them enhance their skills in their native language.

Arabic Language - Quick Facts

  • Arabic has influenced many languages, and English has many words that originate from Arabic, including: magazine, sofa, coffee, algebra and aubergine.
  • There are at least 11 words for 'love' in Arabic
  • Arabic has sounds that don't exist in any other language

Online Arabic Lessons for Children

My Online Schooling offers online Arabic lessons for children from Beginner to Intermediate level. This week, we caught up with one of our fantastic Arabic teachers, Maysam, to tell you more about Arabic lessons in an online setting. Read our Q&A with Maysam below:

What are the benefits of learning Arabic?

In my opinion, language is the roadmap of a culture. Arabic is a very rich language; it can connect you to a rich history. Additionally, Arabic is the official language of over 20 countries, and has nearly 300 million native speakers. Economically, these countries have grown quickly in a short amount of time, so if you are fluent in Arabic, or have achieved a level of advanced competency in reading, writing, and conversational skills, you will be in high demand for the great number of jobs and opportunities in the world for which Arabic is an essential requirement.

What does a typical Arabic lesson at My Online Schooling look like?

Arabic lessons at My online schooling are conducted through act play, a variety of activities and attractive presentation. All my students have the opportunity to participate and have their roles in each lesson. I tailor Arabic teaching method to suit the needs of all individuals of varying levels of capabilities. I believe in my students’ potentials to succeed.

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What are some of the benefits you have seen when it comes to teaching Arabic online?

Teaching Arabic online is an amazing and efficient way to deliver lessons to students and an opportunity to get creative. I can reach more people and help them to achieve their goals. I can make a real difference in people’s lives.

What are your favourite words in Arabic?

My favourite words in Arabic are:
- ‘Salam’ is one of the simplest but most powerful terms in the Arabic language. It means ‘peace’, and can be used to greet someone to convey respect and good intentions and to wish someone to live in peace.

- ‘ Amal’ which means hope. Hope helps us to be positive about everything and achieve the impossible. We cannot live without hope.

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