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How to give your child an outstanding British education as an expat in Malaysia

How to give your child an outstanding British education as an expat in Malaysia
Landscape from Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is a vibrant and upcoming destination for British expats pursuing a career abroad. With the iconic Petronas Towers, tropical equatorial climate, the 400 million year old Batas Caves, hidden Hindu Temples, and the buzzing cultural heart of Jalan Alor’s delicious street being just a few of its big selling points, over 80% of expatriates in Malaysia said that they found it easy to settle there.

Many Malaysian parents aim to send their children overseas to study at top universities worldwide, after studying an international curriculum, as the country moves away from production, and towards a knowledge based economy.

For parents moving abroad, continuing to give their child a competitive education is one of their top priorities in relocating.

Schooling in Malaysia

There are three kinds of school in Malaysia. Public schools are open to all, but may be challenging for students due to language barriers, and tricky registration processes which leave students waiting on lists, or having to start mid term. Private schools follow the rules of the Malaysian Ministry of Education. International schools follow international curriculum. Both of these have high fees, and may be prohibitively expensive for expatriate parents, and of varying quality.

Homeschooling in Malaysia

Many parents want to know if homeschooling is legal in Malaysia, which it is, with conditions. The Malaysian Education Act 1996 states that primary education is compulsory for children aged 7-12. Parents who do not send their child to any kind of school or educate them at all at home during these years may be fined.

Parents who are Malaysian Citizens who wish to homeschool their child must apply for exemption from the Ministry of Education, and must follow a national curriculum. The rules for British expatriates may differ from those for Malaysian Citizens, which warrants further clarification.

Globalisation and rise of online schooling

Globalisation has brought the world closer together, uniting cultures, services, goods, and education. The digital revolution has opened up a plethora of possibilities for education in our increasingly technology centric world. Students can now study from anywhere in the world with a stable internet connection and a computer, through online schooling.

Online schooling has grown in popularity over the last five years, with students receiving their complete education online through live interactive lessons. This increases access to education for students worldwide, and offers them the opportunity of quality, and a globally competitive CV.

The British Education system is famously prized and renowned for excellence, with British schools and universities consistently scoring high on global rankings for grades and attainment. Many parents who move and live abroad seek a British education for their children in order for them to remain globally competitive in an ever interconnected world, upholding high expectations for their academic achievements.

Many international students aspire to study in the UK to receive the highest quality education. Signature hallmarks of these British schooling standards are the English National Curriculum, and the examination bodies governing the internationally renowned iGCSE and A-Level qualifications.

How online schooling works

British online homeschooling provides a comprehensive English standard education, meeting exceptional academic standards, through interactive online lessons.

For many, online schooling leads the way in overcoming barriers to learning presented by traditional schooling- bullying, classroom disruption, moving abroad, anxiety, large class sizes, and prohibitive international schooling fees.

Students study the English national curriculum, iGCSE, and A-Level examinations, taught in capped small class sizes, by qualified teaching professionals.

Students log onto an online portal to study their timetabled lessons from Monday to Friday, and are set weekly homework tasks. Their parents attend termly parents evenings, and they have access to extra curricular clubs, counselling services, school assemblies, careers advice, and outward bound adventure trips.

Each student has a tailor made plan to support their learning, and are closely monitored by teachers who come to know them as individual students to nurture their unique styles and talents.

This approach ensures a holistic approach to education, championing excellence, recognising difference, fostering kindness and character, and developing a consciousness as a global citizen. It supports a generation of well rounded independent young people to transition into adult learners, with a lifelong intellectual curiosity and love of learning.

Does it work?

Last year the pass rate at iGCSE amongst students was 100%. Testimonials from parents reflect a high level of satisfaction for all elements of their child’s online education.


Is online schooling right for my child?

There is really no right or wrong answer to this question. At the end of the day the best education for your child is the one that makes them feel the happiest, most supported, and come home with a thirst for knowledge. When they love learning, they are primed to grow into a well rounded and confident young person, and to contribute their passion and skills to the world.

For many parents and children, online schooling has brought this fresh sense of independence and self-belief to learners who have struggled in traditional classroom settings for years. It could be the start of a brand new journey for your child.

My Online Schooling allows students worldwide the opportunity to follow the English National Curriculum and progress towards sitting iGCSE and A Level examinations. Our dedicated team of teachers and management staff are there every step of the way, making a real difference to the educational prospects of young people.

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