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How to give your child a full time British education from Australia

How to give your child a full time British education from Australia
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With the costs of international schools remaining high, many British Expat families are choosing to educate their children from home.

My Online Schooling provides a full time secondary British Education, following the National Curriculum and iGCSE. Qualified teachers teach students in small classes in real time, supporting their learning every step of the way.

“The key to transformation is not to standardise education, but to personalise it, to build achievement on discovering the individual talents of each child, to put students in an environment where they want to learn and where they can naturally discover their true passions.” - Sir Ken Robinson, education and creativity expert

Continuing British Education in Australia

For expat parents emigrating to Australia with their children, one of the most important considerations is their education. Many parents prefer for their children to continue following the British National Curriculum, and take their GCSEs.

Online homeschooling is growing in popularity as a more affordable and flexible alternative to international schooling. Unlike distance learning, classes are taught in real time, in online classrooms, by qualified teachers. This fresh and creative new take on education is fast growing in the UK, and has been taken up by students around the globe.

Online schooling surpasses the traditional ‘one size fits all’ model of education, recognising that this is not right for every child and their different needs. Instead, it cherishes difference, and provides a tailor made and creative learning environment to enable students to achieve their personal best.

Technology in Education

The digital revolution has opened up an abundance of opportunity for the technological generation. The majority of young people are tech-savvy, using the internet as one of their primary means to socialise and learn, and online learning suits meets them on this level.

All students need to attend class is a laptop, tablet, or computer, and stable internet speed- available in most parts of Australia. Small groups of students from around the world log on to the online classrooms, using the industry leading educational software Adobe Connect. They attend hour long lessons, which work just like a Skype call, and are set a homework task after each lesson to complete online.

Qualified and Experienced Teachers

Teachers are the lifeblood of any school, and My Online Schooling only employs the best. At My Online Schooling, the English National Curriculum and International GCSEs are taught to the highest standards. In the academic year 2017-2018 all students achieved a 100% pass rate at  International GCSE level. Lessons are always creative, fun, and interactive.

A typical week could see a student performing a poem in Miss Hall’s English class, making a volcanic eruption in Mr Palmer’s science experiment club, or figuring out the mystery of the moving stones in Arizona’s Death Valley in Mr Wright’s Geography lesson.

One of the advantages of having our school online is that all lessons are recorded. All lesson recordings are made available to re-watch at any time. Small class sizes mean that teachers really get to know each child individually, and tailor a learning plan to suit their needs.

Expatriate Students

Expatriate students can find it challenging to move abroad and make a new life and new friends. Our teachers are experienced in supporting students who have experienced everything from bullying, to special educational needs, to sporting commitments, to feeling shy in a large noisy classroom.

Rural and Remote Students

Students living in more remote rural areas, such as islands around the UK, or rural Australia have enjoyed online learning as an alternative to a long school commute.

Many students have developed close friendships with the other members of their classes or extra-curricular clubs. Our students grow as independent learners, as they are nurtured in small interactive classes. This gives them the opportunity to reach their full potential.

My son is really enjoying learning with My Online Schooling. The lessons are engaging and well-organised, and it is fascinating to see how all the children are able to participate in learning - a far cry from the class of 30 he left behind. He was miserable at school for years, and this has been transformational for him. Thank you! - Helen, Year 8 parent

A Flexible Education

The outdoor lifestyle in Australia presents a range of exciting opportunities for families moving down under. Whether it’s surfing on the coast, having a game of cricket or rugby, throwing some food on the BBQ in the evening, or camping in the national parks, young people have a whole host of activities to choose from when they’re not studying.

The school day for online education typically ends at around 2 or 3pm, with no commute. This frees up heaps of free time for those all important extracurricular activities, social interaction with other young people, and getting off the screen and into the world.

Extra Curricular Activities and Subject Support

At My Online Schooling, extra curricular activities are fully supported. Indeed, a number of our students are elite athletes, choosing online schooling as it fits around their busy training schedules.

After school clubs such as journalism club and maths support are offered, and in addition, we offer counselling sessions, careers advice, parent consultations, one-to-one tuition, and weekend outward bound trips away. This ensures pupils are supported in every aspect of their educational journey.

Pupil Ability

Throughout the academic year, teachers monitor the engagement of each pupil, to ensure they fully understand the course content, and that they are making progress in their studies.

Teachers strive to identify each students’ unique strengths, and suggest areas to stretch their abilities. If students are particularly gifted and talented in a subjects, then we do offer the opportunity to move into a higher class. This ensures pupils are being challenged and are not left bored at a lower level of study.

Likewise, if there are areas in a subject that a pupil is struggling with, teachers will offer their support and guidance, to ensure any gaps in their learning are covered. If a student’s ability is lower than expected, there is also the option to move down to a lower year, so that learning at an optimal pace.

A New Generation of Students

Moving away from the traditional classroom model, online schooling nurtures a new generation of happy, well rounded, and resilient students, who love independent learning, and most importantly, can’t wait to get up for school in the morning.

Get in Touch

If you are a parent thinking of moving to Australia with your family, or have just moved, and want to continue giving your child an excellent British education, online schooling could provide the solution.

We understand that this is a new concept for many parents, we would be pleased to discuss this further with you in a telephone call .

You can call us Monday to Friday 8.30 – 4pm on (+44) 0800 031 4340 or schedule a call here and we will be in touch to answer any questions you have.

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