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How to give your child a British education online for expatriates living in Hong Kong

How to give your child a British education online for expatriates living in Hong Kong
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This Blog will cover:

  • Education in Hong Kong
  • British Expats in Hong Kong
  • Online education
  • 6 reasons to consider online schooling in Hong Kong

The former British colony of Hong Kong is located on the south-eastern tip of China, and houses one of the most densely populated cities in the world. Whether it’s taking in the phenomenal views at The Peak, grabbing a bargain at Stanley Market or catching a ferry to visit the Big Buddha on Lantau Island, Hong Kong is host to an exciting combination of rich, unique culture and history as well as a bustling cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Education in Hong Kong

As a former British territory, the education system in Hong Kong is largely based on that of the UK and is overseen by the Hong Kong Education Bureau and Social Welfare Department.

Public schools are funded by the government, however as the curriculum is predominantly taught in Cantonese most expat families find international private schooling to be the most suitable option. 

By law, children in Hong Kong are required to attend school from the age of 6, however exemptions are made for those with a reasonable excuse including those who wish to home-educate.

Home-schooling is legal in Hong Kong, although families are advised to notify the Education Bureau if they do not wish to send their child to traditional school.

British Expats in Hong Kong

Expats account for around 4.6% of the total population of Hong Kong, 17, 455 of which are from the UK. While it is listed as one of the most popular destinations for British expats in the world, the costs of international schooling are notoriously high and have increased by around 10% over the past few years.

British parents working in Hong Kong may receive an expat package which can sometimes include subsidised school fees.

However, companies who offer this are on the decline which for some, may make international school fees in Hong Kong prohibitively expensive.

Online education

Online British schools have seen a surge in popularity over the last ten years. They provide a way for children around the world to study the English National Curriculum from Key Stage 2, through to iGCSEs and A- levels, taught by fully trained teachers. For expatriates, this is can be an affordable and more flexible option for educating children when living abroad.

Here are 6 reasons why online education is an excellent alternative to traditional home-schooling or international schooling.

1. A clear home-schooling roadmap

Many British expat parents who move to Hong Kong are pursuing career goals. This means that they are not able to commit the time and energy to being a full time educator for their children, and may not have the training or knowledge. 

With online schooling, qualified teachers take the lead in teaching, and deliver lessons to British National Curriculum standards. This creates a daily routine and schedule for students, which is important in creating structure and discipline in their days spent in the home. 

We support students to set educational goals and take exams at scheduled times, to create a roadmap for the year, and a clear sense of direction. A clear routine establishes the grounds for productivity and success.

2. High quality and internationally competitive education delivers the accredited British National Curriculum, with high quality lessons from qualified teachers. They deliver fully interactive lessons in online classrooms, set homework and provide feedback after each lesson, and develop a personalised learning plan to enable each student to achieve their full potential.

It is widely acknowledged that a British education and qualifications are highly sought after around the world. IGCSEs and A levels are internationally recognised by colleges, universities, and employers, and for many are the gold standard in assessment.

At My Online Schooling, students are supported to prepare for formal iGCSE and A-level examinations, which can be taken at local exam centres. 

This also means that if they return to the UK, slotting back into mainstream schooling is seamless. There is a significant correlation between educational attainment at school, and future career prospects.

By achieving these qualifications, parents can give their children the best possible chance of gaining fulfilling employment that fuels their passions in an increasingly competitive global market

3. More affordable than international schools

The cost of education in Hong Kong is high for British expatriates. School fees in Hong Kong are ranked in the top ten most expensive in the world, an Expat Finder report found in 2017.

Paying for international schooling can present a significant financial burden to parents. For some, however, it is seen as the only option to give their children the best possible education. Online schooling provides a top quality education for young people at a fraction of the cost of international schools.

4. Work around your lifestyle

By studying from home, children don’t have to navigate transport in a brand new and busy city, or rely on lifts from parents early at awkward times, which are difficult to fit around working commitments. 

Live-in nannies are popular among expat families, and they can supervise children while they study. This means that parents are free to work their hours, without having to fit in school pick-ups and drop-offs too.

The flexibility of home-based, online education allows students more time to take part in extracurricular activities and clubs which can boost their social lives as well as university applications. Some examples include orchestras, debating clubs, sports, extra classes, volunteering, or part time work.

Lessons can be taught no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have a stable internet connection. For families that travel or move around, this doesn’t have to disrupt the school term. Trusting that qualified teachers are delivering the curriculum reduces the pressure on parents to home-educate their children themselves. 

Online Schooling also provides support and advice to parents every step of the way, ensuring the quality of education is consistent and never compromised.

5. Encourages independence and self-discipline

Online Schooling fosters self discipline, requiring students to manage their time themselves. Pupils must sign into classes on time, complete all their homework, and ask for help if and when they need it. This develops their abilities as independent learners - an essential skill for university as well as later on in the workplace.

6. Meet diverse learning needs

With online schooling, classes are kept small meaning fewer distractions, which enables teachers to provide the time and attention essential for nurturing each individual’s needs. This means that every pupil’s learning is carefully supported and progress is therefore made more rapidly.

Students in online schools have been shown to have higher rates of exam success. Our British curriculum-trained and experienced teachers are well-versed in adapting their teaching styles for students with different learning requirements. This can range from challenging high achievers, supporting those with special learning or behavioural needs, or rebuilding confidence for those who have struggled in school. Whatever the student’s needs, teachers set goals, track their progress, and see them excel.

This can range from challenging high achievers, supporting those with special learning or behavioural needs, or rebuilding confidence for those who have struggled in school. Whatever the student’s needs, teachers set goals, track their progress, and see them excel.


Completing an excellent British education online offers a range of benefits for students. As part of an international community of independent learners, they gain more free time to engage in Hong Kong’s incredible opportunities, socialise, and pursue passions for sports and hobbies. Learning is flexible, and can be done anywhere in the world with a stable internet connection. 

Online schooling offers a complete and more affordable alternative to international schooling, along with an education of exceptionally high quality that meets British educational standards.

Compared to traditional teaching, online education is much more personal and tailored to every child’s needs, circumventing distractions and time-wasting inherent in physical classroom environments. 

This customized approach means that parents can give their child the best chance they can to excel. Students are supported to achieve their full potential in their studies and future career, achieving internationally recognised qualifications for a fraction of the cost.

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