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HoneyKids Asia International School Fair - Join Us!

HoneyKids Asia International School Fair - Join Us!
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Are you looking for education options for your child in Singapore? If so, the HoneyKids Asia International School Fair, in Partnership with HSBC, is definitely the place to be. We're super excited to announce that My Online Schooling will be coming along this time round to tell you all about how our online school works and the unique ways in which we can support your child's learning.

For this week's blog, we've teamed up with HoneyKids to give you the lowdown on the School Fair which will take place on Saturday the 28th this September. Check out the Q&A below!

Why was the HoneyKids International School Fair created?

As parents ourselves, we know exactly how stressful it can be deciding on a school that’s right for your child and family, which is how the School Fair came about. We want to make the process of picking the perfect school as smooth as possible, so getting everyone in the one room makes things way easier for us busy parents! At our last event, we helped more than 500 families, which is fantastic.

How often do you run the event?

We aim to host two events per year: one in March and one in September. They’ve been a huge success to date and are a valuable part of the decision-making process for parents. In fact, the School Fairs have been such a hit here in Singapore that our upcoming event on 28 September is our fifth fair now. Long may they continue!

What have been some of the biggest highlights from previous events?

I think the expert speakers and educators who take part in the event have been invaluable in providing truly useful information to guide parents through the often-stressful process of choosing a school. While it pays to do your own research, that first-hand guidance from those in the know is always gratefully received! This year’s panel topics will be How to Choose an International School; Language Learning and Bilingualism; and Learning Support for Your Child, so really varied areas that parents will want to know about.

What can parents expect on the day?

Some of the biggest and best international schools from Singapore and neighbouring countries in one spot – how’s that for making your life easier?! Panel discussions, some fantastic partners, experts on hand… it really is a one-stop shop. 

What are your top tips for parents attending the event?

Take a look at our helpful article on HoneyKids Asia so you can get an idea of what’s happening on the day and which schools are attending, so you know who you can meet and greet… and grill with your questions! Our four panel discussions on a series of really useful topics are also free to attend (spaces are limited though, so be there on time!). They’re a great way to gain an insight into the individual schools, plus give you an opportunity to chat with experts from the select establishments. Check our Facebook event page for updates too so we can keep you in the loop as we count down to the big day. 

How much does it cost and how do you sign up?

Here’s the best bit… it’s free! We just advise that you register before the event to make your arrival as easy and speedy as possible, leaving you and your fam free to get the most out of the Fair. Don’t forget as well to grab yourself a goodie bag before they all go from our partners over at the HSBC booth!


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