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Adobe Spark x Wakelet - Digital Design Skills Workshops & Competition

Adobe Spark x Wakelet - Digital Design Skills Workshops & Competition

Adobe Spark - Digital Design Skills poster


At My Online Schooling, we know that the future is digital. Digital skills are already central to so many industries, which is why we think it's so important that today's young people are given opportunities to learn and develop these fundamental skills to set them in good stead for an increasingly digital world.

We’re thrilled to be teaming up with Adobe Spark and Wakelet to run an exciting series of workshops and a competition for our Secondary pupils to get involved with in the new year! This event will be available to enrolled My Online Schooling UK Secondary pupils only. The workshop sessions will take place over a three-week period, starting in Term 2. They'll be delivered by Adobe Spark’s Dominic Traynor, otherwise known as ‘Digi Dom’ (take a look at his YouTube Channel here).

Ahead of the first workshop in January, we caught up with Dom to give you some more information about what Adobe Spark is, what the workshops and competition involve, and why they're definitely not to be missed! Read our Q&A below:

'Zero to digital hero' Digidom poster

What is Adobe Spark?

Adobe Spark is a free collection of three apps – Spark Post, Spark page and Spark Video – which will help you to get creative and go from zero to digital hero. This challenge will show you how to use Spark to showcase your talents - whether that’s art, sport, writing, filmmaking or photo taking - so that you can show off to your friends. You can use a laptop, iPad, desktop or even a phone to bring your words, pictures and videos to life. 

If you're using a laptop or desktop, go to If you're using a mobile device like a tablet or phone, download the apps separately.

What is Wakelet?

Wakelet is a platform that allows you to save, organize and share content from across the web. During the workshops, pupils will be shown how to create a free Wakelet account, so they have a central place to save their Adobe Spark work, and build their online portfolio.

What does the competition involve?

The challenge involves 3 sessions where you will be shown how to create professional looking media that will show off your skills as a creative genius! 

Session 1: Wednesday 13th January – 12-1 pm (1 hour)

  • Spark Post - How to design a DJ poster

  • Spark Video - How to make an about me video

Session 2: Wednesday 20th January – 12-1 pm (1 hour)

  • Spark Post - How to make your personal logo

  • Spark Page - How to publish an epic adventure story

Session 3: Wednesday 27th January – 12-1 pm (1 hour)

  • Spark Video - How to film a ghost story

  • Spark Post - How to make a movie poster

All students who complete all 6 challenges will get a certificate for their work!

Examples of digital media created with Adobe Spark Post
Examples of digital media created with Adobe Spark Post











Examples of digital media created with Adobe Spark Post

Do they need any previous experience working with Adobe? 

No previous experience of design or Adobe tools is required. You will be coached step by step with a combination of live tutorials and video tutorials which you can watch after the live sessions are over.

What skills will pupils learn during the competition? 

During this challenge, you’ll learn how creativity and design can be developed using digital tools. You’ll also learn creative industry techniques like storyboarding, the use of templates, recording voiceovers and mixing up layouts.

Why is it important for children and young people to learn these skills and how can it help them later in life? 

Creativity is one of the number 1 skills that employers are looking for. It is also one of the top skills needed by freelancers who work in the exciting creative arts industry like film, branding and communication. Master these skills and you will put yourself at the front of the queue for the most exciting careers!

What was one of the most exciting projects you saw from previous challenges?

The most impressive thing I’ve seen from people using these challenges was a collection of work from about 660 different adults around the world who really developed their creative talents using Spark! 

We also had about 60 young people all create their own digital portfolio of the 6 challenges we are going to do with My Online Schooling Secondary students. I think I was most impressed by the movie posters they designed!

Example of ghost story film created with Adobe Spark Video


The Competition

The Adobe Spark x Wakelet Digital Design Skills competition is open to all enrolled Secondary My Online Schooling pupils, with prizes to be won each week! Every session, Dom will be taking a look at the submissions stored in pupils' Wakelet portals and give weekly shoutouts of examples of completed work to keep pupils motivated.

There will be prizes offered for each of the challenges that are set each week. The final prize winners of each ‘Spark Post’ and ‘Spark Page’ challenges (6 in total) will be announced after the last workshop takes place.


  • 1st prize £15 Amazon voucher
  • 2nd prize Adobe Spark t-shirt

How to get involved

The Adobe x Wakelet Digital Design Skills workshops and competition are completely free. If your child is currently enrolled as a Secondary pupil at My Online Schooling UK and would like to take part, all you need to do is sign up to the first workshop taking place on the 13th January, and they will have access to the workshops on the 20th & 27th January. The sign-up link will also be available in the parent and pupil portals and Secondary Common Room. An email will also be sent out to all My Online Schooling parents with full details, and will also include the sign-up link.

If you have any questions about the workshops and/or competition, please get in touch with your assigned Parent Liaison.

We look forward to seeing all the amazing things our pupils create with Adobe Spark!

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