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Achieving qualifications via online schooling

Achieving qualifications via online schooling

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Looking at the next steps for your child's education? These days, more and more young people are opting for alternative options to mainstream education. Online learning is becoming an increasingly popular option from primary to secondary. When it comes to online learning, however, many students and parents may be asking how you go about achieving qualifications via online schooling.

At My Online Schooling, we are delighted to offer International GCSE and International A-Level and A-Level courses, meaning your child can achieve the internationally recognised qualifications they need for further education and employment while learning from home.

Want to find out more? In this blog, we'll discuss how young people can achieve qualifications via online schooling. You'll also learn:

  • What International GCSEs and A-Levels are
  • How Secondary pupils study online
  • How online school pupils take exams

and more!

What are International GCSEs and A-Levels?

My Online Schooling are proud to offer pathways to achieving qualifications via online schooling. We offer International GCSE courses at Key-Stage 4 (Years 10-11), and International A-Level/ A-Level courses at Key-Stage 5 (Years 12-13). These are internationally recognised British school qualifications, and are highly regarded by universities both in the UK and internationally.

International GCSEs

The International GCSE is the international version of the UK GCSEs (General Certificate of Secondary Education). The courses are aimed at young people between ages 14 and 16, and are a two-year course that usually begins in Year 10 and ends in Year 11, when the final exams are sat.

International GCSEs are an equivalent qualification to the UK version. Like the UK GCSE, they are accepted by universities in the UK and across the globe. They provide pupils with all the required knowledge and skills to progress on to A-Levels or International A-Levels, university and careers.

Find out more about International GCSEs at My Online Schooling.

International A-Levels / A-Levels

School pupils both in the UK and abroad study A-Levels. They normally study them when they are aged 16-18, in sixth form or college. In the first year, you will study AS levels, and in the second year you complete your A-Level course. These qualifications are typically assessed through both coursework and examinations, however International A-Levels are 100% externally assessed with no coursework required.

These internationally recognised qualifications are graded from A*-E, and are essential for applying to universities in the UK and abroad. A-Levels and International A-Levels (IALs) have a reputation for maintaining an exceptionally high standard of British education, and ensure you become a competitive candidate when it comes to higher education or careers.

Find out more about International A-Levels/ A-Levels at My Online Schooling.

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How do Secondary pupils study online?


As a pupil at My Online Schooling, your child will choose 3-4 subjects, or as many needed to achieve their personal goals. They will receive a timetable, like in any school, and learn in small, live online lessons guided by a subject-specialist teacher. Lessons are fully interactive, and your child can participate in lessons and work collaboratively with classmates from the comfort of your own home.

Independent study

There’s a larger focus on independent study in Years 10 to 13. All lessons are recorded, which not only provides a chance for your child to catch up if they've missed a class, but also provides an invaluable bank of resources when it comes to revision time.

Additional support

The final years of Secondary school can be a challenging time, and it’s important that young people receive the support they need to get them where they want to be. At My Online Schooling, you or your child will always be able to contact your teacher outside of lesson time if you need help with anything. Our academic support groups are also a great option for those who require more in-depth support.

How do online school pupils take exams?

Although pupils at online schools study online from home, they do still take exams in-person. International GCSE and A-Level exams can be sat in examination centres around the world. If your child is a pupil at an online school, you will need to register as a private candidate for exams ahead of time. Luckily, the process is more straightforward than most people think.

Learn more about how to take exams as an online school pupil.

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