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5 reasons to give your child a quality British education online for expatriates living in Dubai

5 reasons to give your child a quality British education online for expatriates living in Dubai
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Dubai: a stirring alchemy of profound traditions and ambitious futuristic vision wrapped into starkly evocative desert splendour’, and a dream destination for many British families. Indeed 85% of Dubai’s population are expatriates, and over 250,000 of these are British. Emigrating to Dubai is not always easy however. For many moving to the emirate, the rising costs of international schools, and concerns over their quality of teaching can leave parents unsure as to how to provide the best education for their children. Online British schools have seen a surge in popularity over the last ten years. They provide a way for children around the world to study the English National Curriculum Key Stage 3, through to International GCSEs and AS and A2 levels, taught by qualified and experienced teachers. For expatriates, this can be an affordable, higher quality, and more flexible option for educating children living abroad.

This blog will consider five key benefits of online schooling for students and their parents living in Dubai:

  1. Flexibility
  2. Affordability
  3. British standard experienced staff and lessons
  4. Supporting individual student needs
  5. Internationally recognised qualifications


Children living in Dubai can ski and snowboard in world’s largest indoor snow park, camp out under the stars in the desert, go kayaking or stand up paddle boarding on Kite Beach, ride ponies at the Desert Palm, or learn about Dubai’s traditions at the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding. With such an enormous range of extra-curricular sports, clubs, hobbies, and activities to discover, it would be a shame not to embrace all these opportunities. Most online lessons finish early in the afternoon, and children don’t need to travel to and from school. This leaves them with more energy, and frees up huge amounts of time for embracing all that Dubai has to offer. Lessons can be taught no matter where you are in the world as long as you have a stable internet connection. For families that travel or move around, this doesn’t have to disrupt the school term. Trusting that qualified teachers are delivering the curriculum reduces the pressure and time commitments on parents to homeschool their children themselves. Online Schooling also provides support and advice to parents every step of the way, making sure that the quality of education is never compromised.


School fees in the UAE are ranked the second highest in the world, an HSBC report found in 2017. Paying for international schooling can present a significant financial burden to parents. For some, paying international fees is seen as the only option to give children the best possible education. Indeed:

“In today's highly competitive global job market, education for young people has never been more important”

Charlie Nunn, HSBC’s group head of wealth management

Online schooling can provide a top quality education to young people, for a fraction of the cost of international schools, whilst freeing up time for them to enjoy extra-curricular activities and passions.

British standard experienced staff and lessons

Expatriate parents have expressed concerns over the quality of some international schooling in Dubai. One parent in the UAE stated the following:

“I am a teacher in UAE, and there is a shortage of what we, expats, would call a good school. Although there are many British and American schools over here, they are very far from what we are used to academically.”

Online schooling ensures that the highest standards are met by teachers, providing the highest quality education, to students anywhere in the world. only employs qualified and experienced teaches, with decades of experience teaching in UK schools and as tutors. They deliver fully interactive lessons in online classrooms, set homework and provide feedback after each lesson, and develop a personalised learning plan to enable each student to achieve their full potential. The lesson models are much more similar to the UK style of teaching.

Supporting individual student needs

In small online classes there are no disruptions or problems with bad behaviour from other students, and the teachers really get to know each of their students. This enables them to provide the essential time and attention needed for nurturing a student. This means that each student’s learning is carefully supported, lessons are tailored to their unique needs, and progress is, therefore, more rapid. Students in online schools have been shown have higher rates of exam success.

Teachers are experienced in adapting their teaching styles for students with different learning needs. This can range from pushing high achievers, supporting those with special learning or behavioural needs, or rebuilding confidence for those who have struggled in school. Whatever the student’s needs, teachers set goals, track their progress, and see them excel. Students have to log on to their lessons themselves, and homework is set after each lesson. This encourages students to work independently and means that they learn to take responsibility for their own work and learning. These skills give them a head start when beginning further education, which requires a significant amount of student led study.

Internationally recognised qualifications

It is widely acknowledged that a British education and qualifications are highly sought around the world. International GCSEs and A levels are internationally recognised by colleges, universities, and employers, and for many are the gold standard in assessment. follows the accredited British National curriculum all the way through from KS2 and International GCSE. Students are supported to prepare for their formal examinations, which can be taken at local exam centres. This also means that if they return to the UK, slotting back into mainstream schooling is seamless. Not all international schools offer this in Dubai, and those that do often teach in a very different style to teachers in British schools. There is a significant correlation between educational attainment at school, and future career prospects. By achieving these qualifications, parents can give their children the best possible chance of gaining fulfilling employment that fuels their passion, in an increasingly competitive global market


Completing an excellent British education online offers a range of benefits for students. As part of an international community of independent learners, they gain more free time to engage in Dubai’s incredible opportunities, socialise, and pursue passions for sports and hobbies. Learning is flexible, and can be done anywhere in the world with a stable internet connection. It is more affordable than international school fees, of exceptionally high quality, meets British standards, and is more personal and tailored to a child’s needs, circumventing distractions and time-wasting inherent in classroom teaching. This customized approach means that parents can give their child the best chance they can to excel and achieve their full potential in their studies and future career. They will achieve internationally recognised qualifications for a fraction of the cost. In Dubai, the land of unlimited possibility, why not open up these possibilities for your child?

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