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Year 6-7 transition

Moving from Primary to Secondary 

Year 6-7 Transition 

We know that the move from primary to secondary school can come with its challenges. There are new teachers, new classmates and a new school timetable to get to grips with, not to mention more homework and responsibilities. 

But transitioning from primary to secondary school doesn't have to be scary or overwhelming. At My Online Schooling, we have systems in place to make sure your child is as prepared as possible when they are moving up from our Junior School to Secondary. 


Preparing for Year 7 

Our Junior team will prepare you and your Year 6 child with everything you need to know before joining Year 7 at My Online Schooling Secondary School. Some of these preparation strategies, activities and resources include:

  • Ensuring pupils are embedding positive, independent behaviours for learning in and out of the classroom ahead of transition
  • Year 6-7 transition information session for parents/carers 
  • Transition Activities Week in Term 3
  • A Year 7 Preparation Pack
  • Book recommendations for summer reading
  • Use of Maths Shed regularly to build fluency in times tables & 4 operations 
  • Continued support from Junior Success Coordinator Team with appropriate handover
  • Direct contact from Head of SEND & Head of Wellbeing where appropriate


Handing over

Once your child is enrolled at My Online Schooling, we share any important information about your child with our teachers to make sure they are supported in the best way possible. Our Junior and Secondary teams work very closely, so when the time comes to move into our Secondary School, this information will be passed on to your child's new teachers ahead of time. 

SEND and Wellbeing Support

Our Inclusion Team works across both our Junior and Secondary Schools. If your child has learning or wellbeing support needs, you can be sure our Inclusion leads will be well-informed of these before moving into our Secondary School. 

Meetings with our Head of Special Educational Needs (SEND) can be arranged in Term 3 of Year 6 to discuss the transition in more detail where required.

SEND support Wellbeing support

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