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School Curriculum

A Global Standard For 21st Century Education

We teach the English National Curriculum (ENC). The ENC is a very well established and recognised curriculum known for providing a broad and balanced, structured education that is relevant and progressive for pupils. Our experienced team of teachers deliver a curriculum based on the ENC in a coherent, progressive and interactive way.

We currently offer a range of subjects at Key Stage Two (KS2), Key Stage Three (KS3), International General Certificate of Secondary Education (International GCSE) Level and Advanced Level/ International Advanced Level (A Level / International A Level).

The English National Curriculum is not only taught in the vast majority of schools in England, but also used by thousands of international and British schools around the world.

The curriculum is divided into Key Stages:

Key Stage School Year Group Age
Key Stage 1* Primary 1 - 2

5 - 7

Key Stage 2 Primary 3 - 6

7 - 11

Key Stage 3 Secondary 7 - 9

11 - 14

Key Stage 4 Secondary 10 & 11 14 - 16
Key Stage 5 Secondary 12 & 13

16 - 18

The Key Stages provide the baseline standards of what your child should be learning in each subject for each stage and age. They set programmes of study which our teachers then convert into lessons delivered in the virtual classroom.

*Please note we don't currently offer Key Stage 1 at My Online Schooling. However, we will consider children as young as 6 years old for our Year 3 courses.


Our Courses

We offer a range of subjects at Key Stage Two (KS2), Key Stage Three (KS3), International GCSE (KS4) and A Level (KS5).

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Secondary School

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Measuring Performance: Your child's progress

We measure your child’s progress with every lesson and with assessments every term.

We recognise that every child is different – learning in different ways and at different rates. With small class sizes and a flexible approach, we offer an individualised style of learning that reflects and meets their needs. At every step of your child’s progress, we work hard to ensure that they enjoy a rich, coherent and engaging learning experience where they are respected as an individual, enjoy learning and are empowered to thrive.

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