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Academic Support

Learning Support at My Online Schooling

Specialist Support For Your Child

Academic support at My Online Schooling

At My Online Schooling, we are committed to offering the very best school experience for all of our pupils. Our staff members receive regular training on many areas of mental health, SEND, and wellbeing to ensure pupils and their families are provided with guidance and support throughout their journey with us.

We are proud to offer a variety of learning support options, including one-to-one tuition and academic support groups, to help pupils achieve success in their learning.

Classes by referral

While your child is enrolled in the school, their teachers and the school leadership team are monitoring their progress and are continually identifying opportunities where we can further support your child’s learning.

We aim to provide Quality First Teaching in the classroom to meet the needs of every child, but when a pupil might need some extra support our teachers will use their judgement to refer pupils for our support lessons. If challenges remain or if a pupil has a recognised learning challenge then they may be referred for our specialist support lessons taught by our SEND support teacher. Finally if further support is needed then pupils have the option of taking 1-1 support classes with subject specialist teachers.

As part of our learning intervention programme, we may refer pupils to the following classes:

Other Academic Support Classes

We offer the following academic support classes for pupils who may need it. Unlike the referral classes above, your child can sign up to these classes electively if they would like some extra guidance in their learning. Once enrolled, you can register for the following classes via the MOS Parent App.

How to Enrol in our Support Classes

If your child is already enrolled with the school and they require additional support, they may be referred to the above classes by their teacher.  Alternatively, they can register for any of our non-referral academic support classes via the ‘Add Subjects‘ form in the MOS Parent App.

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