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Our Values

Greater access to quality education

Why Online Schooling?

Online schooling has the power and the potential to transform the prospects of young people all over the world. It’s an approach that opens doors and widens horizons, offering every pupil greater access to quality education and a greater opportunity to fulfil their potential.

While lessons may be remote and classes virtual, the impact is very real – nurturing a generation of happy, well-rounded and resilient pupils who love independent learning and can’t wait to get up for school in the morning.


Thrive - My Online Schooling School Ethos

Our school ethos

My Online Schooling is a school for all. Our school ethos is defined by three words: Respect, Empower and Thrive.


We recognise each child’s needs and their individual pace and style of learning.


We build pupils’ confidence in their abilities and supporting them to achieve their goals.


A positive learning environment where pupils have the space to fulfil their potential.

Our promise

Your child will be empowered to succeed through our individualised, inclusive and creative approach
Your child will be supported and encouraged in a safe and positive learning environment
Your child will have the opportunity to discover and nurture their interests and talents
Your child will be respected, empowered and will thrive as part of an international online British school

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