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Invested in creating dynamic learning environments

At My Online Schooling, we're invested in creating dynamic learning environments, rooted in the principles of innovation. We go beyond what is possible in a physical classroom to create unique, individualised experiences that foster creativity and collaboration.

We use technology that is interactive, engaging and immersive.

Supporting our pupil-centred approach, allowing for pupil participation in learning activities. Using independent and collaborative learning approaches to promote active learning

Supporting real-world knowledge building and encouraging collaborative learning opportunities. Cultivates pupil curiosity through inquiry-based approaches.

Expanding the virtual classroom environment to stimulate creativity and engagement. Using sensory experiences to create a richer learning environment.

Our Platforms: Zoom 

Our live lessons are held on Zoom, allowing us to use a variety of engaging tools. 

  • Pupils can communicate directly with their teacher through 'chat blasts' and the use of their microphone

  • We encourage collaborative learning through breakout sessions where pupils work together in small groups with the support of their teacher

  • During lessons, pupils complete classwork using a variety of integrated, interactive tools so they can receive feedback in real-time


Year 7 girl Dubai

Our Platforms: Canvas 

We use Canvas as our virtual learning environment, where pupils can access their live lessons. This platform has a wide range of benefits to our pupils, including:  

  • Pupils have easy access to their live lessons and can also complete independent learning assignments and catch up on previous lessons

  • Stay up to date with their lessons through announcements

  • Communicate with their teacher outside of lesson time

  • Receive regular feedback on their progress

We frequently integrate other learning tools within Canvas, so pupils have access to engaging, interactive content at their fingertips, which they can access at any time.

Online Safety 

Keeping children safe and engaged online is of paramount importance at My Online Schooling. We ensure that our platforms are only accessible to pupils enrolled at My Online Schooling and take active measures to prevent unauthorised access to live lessons and learning platforms.

Online safety is embedded in our curriculum to build a community of learners who are well versed in the online space and have the tools to protect themselves online.



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