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How We Teach

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How Online Teaching Works

How we teach at My Online Schooling

We’ve harnessed the power of technology to develop a system that works. No matter where our pupils are in the world, we can deliver the standard of teaching that supports their achievement and drives their development. Once your child enrols, we’ll provide access to our online school portal where you can find class pages for each of their chosen subjects. On these pages, you can access learning materials, message the teacher, submit homework and socialise with fellow pupils in the common room.

When it’s time for a lesson, our pupils log in to an online classroom where they’re welcomed by their teacher and classmates. The lessons are varied and engaging, with the chance to keep in constant communication with the teacher and other pupils through voice, text or interactive presentation.

With classes kept to a maximum of 20 pupils, there’s plenty of scope for one-to-one interaction and support. And, with ‘break-out rooms’, the teacher can split the class into groups, while our ‘hands up’ feature gives pupils the chance to ask questions.

Each lesson lasts for an hour, then the teacher sets a homework assignment to build on what they’ve covered in the classroom.

Teaching from Home

Ever wondered what an online school teachers' desk looks like? 

Without a physical school building, our expert online school teachers have the flexibility to work from home or their preferred workplace, just like your child. Click the arrows to see what our virtual 'classrooms' look like from the teacher's point of view!

Meet our teachers:

Our teachers

Online teaching setup for art and DT
Online teaching setup for Psychology
Online teaching setup for a Junior classroom teacher
Online teaching setup for science

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